Elevate Your Brand at Toy Fair 2023

Stand out as an industry leader with high-impact promotional opportunities that will help you increase booth traffic and initiate a year's worth of business in just four days.

Buyers from over 50 distribution channels come to Toy Fair looking for innovative products not found elsewhere. Elevate brand awareness and be top of mind with a valuable promotion that guarantees added exposure at the show.

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Attendee Registration Website & Email Confirmations


Capture Toy Fair attendee attention right from the start with the exclusive attendee registration website and email package. Your logo will appear on Toy Fair’s online registration webpage and in every show confirmation emailed to attendees. Registration opens February 2023 so the sooner you secure this high-impact sponsorship package, the greater the value!

Attendee Promotional Email Campaign


Put your brand in front of a MASSIVE audience with an exclusive banner ad in the pre-show attendee email campaign. The Toy Fair communications team launches a robust marketing campaign to industry prospects giving you the opportunity to be front and center in thousands of email inboxes in the weeks leading up to the show.

Toy Fair Mobile App Upgrades

Various packages available

The Toy Fair 2023 website houses the official exhibitor directory, floor plan, and show planner that attendees use to find new products at the show. Upload content, get priority placement and be a featured exhibitor with one of the many available packages. All upgrades will appear online and in the Toy Fair Mobile App.

Toy Fair Tools Advertising

See your name in lights in Toy Fair Tools Buyer Edition, the valuable newsletter that goes to upwards of 12,000 buyers all eager to know what is happening at Toy Fair 2023. Your banner ad will be front and center to industry decision makers as they plan their time at the show. Exclusive and bundles available.

Dedicated 3rd Party Email

Looking to reach Toy Fair attendees directly in their inbox? Toy Fair will send a custom HTML email on your behalf to our attendee audience giving you instant visibility to thousands of toy professionals.

Online Show Directory & Floor Plan Packages

Various packages available

The Toy Fair 2023 website houses the official exhibitor directory, floor plan, and show planner that attendees use to find new products at the show. Upload content, get priority placement and be a featured exhibitor with one of the many available packages. All upgrades will appear online and in the Toy Fair Mobile App.

Email ad

Social Media Marketing

Engage with Toy Fair’s collective social community of nearly 90,000 followers with dedicated posts on the Toy Association social media network. Two posts per month are available and will appear on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Email ad

OnPeak Hotel Reservation Website Banner Ad


Advertise on the website the Toy Fair attendees use to reserve their hotel accommodations. Ads are included in individual and group confirmation emails as well as in the hotel gallery.

Power banners


Announce your brand, product or new property in a BIG way by hanging your message from the rafters! Banners are strategically placed in high-traffic locations and are instantly visible from all registration areas. There are a variety of sizes and locations available to make a powerful impact.

Floor Decals


A unique branding opportunity is right at your feet! Thousands of attendees will walk by and be sure to notice your floor graphic placed in highly visible areas of the Javits Center lobby and the exhibit floor.

Cardboard cutout

Cardboard Standee

Can’t be everywhere at once? Place your brand in front of every attendee at the show with these economical cut-outs. Multiple locations available in high-traffic registration lobbies and exhibit hall entrances.

Stair graphics



Step up your marketing! Be the first name buyers see upon arrival, and be a part of their Toy Fair experience every step of the way as they continuously move between exhibit levels.



Promote your company on all levels at Toy Fair! Place your company’s logo and booth number on decals adhered to the many escalator panels throughout the Javits Center. Sponsored location includes both the up and the down escalator.

Coffee Signage


But first, coffee. If you have been to Toy Fair, you know that the lines at the Crystal Palace Starbucks location at the Javits Center get VERY long during show days. Take advantage of this captive audience while they grab their much-needed caffeine fix with a package that includes floor decals and meter board signage.

Shuttle bus

Product Zone Sponsorship

Exclusive per zone

Toy Fair’s product zones provide buyers a focused shopping experience. Be your category leader and sponsor your zone! Package includes company logo on floor decals, aisle signs and online and in the Toy Fair Mobile floor plans. Sponsor’s booth must be located in a zone to participate.

Column wraps

Door Decals

Make a first and lasting impression with branded decals on the Javits Center entrance doors. Capture the attention of every attendee as they arrive at the show and be their last thought when they leave for the day. A variety of packages are available.

Column wraps

Exhibit Hall Entrance Column Banner

Located in front of the Level 1 exhibit hall entrance doors, the Column Banner is a great way to get noticed by buyers as they make their way into the Toy Fair exhibit halls. Display your brand on one of the available locations to make a BIG impact.




Every attendee is required to wear a badge to access the Toy Fair show floor so why not keep your company top-of-mind with the exclusive Attendee Lanyards sponsorship. These lanyards are given to all registered attendees and are a great way to see your brand in every corner of the show.

Attendee Show Tote Bag



When you sponsor the official Attendee Show Tote Bag, your name and marketing message is carried by all attendees wherever they go. Take advantage of this targeted distribution and get in the hands of all attendees at the show.

Attendee Show Tote Bag

Official Show Bag


When you are at Toy Fair you accumulate a lot of product info and giveaways over the course of four days. Put your name on the bag to carry it home. The Official Show Bag is placed on self-serve racks throughout the lobby offering wide distribution.

Registration Giveaways



Get your giveaway in the hands of attendees as soon as they walk in the door. Provide them with a specialty item when they pick up their badge at the registration desk and get noticed right away.

Daily Hand Sanitizer Giveaways

Daily Hand Sanitizer Giveaways

Now a staple in our daily lives, hand sanitizer is a MUST HAVE at Toy Fair 2023. Help keep hands clean by sponsoring the branded hand sanitizers available to all attendees in the registration lobby each day of the show.

Hand Sanitizing Stations

Hand Sanitizing Stations

Clean hands = safe attendees so why not attach your name to the many hand sanitizing stations that will be placed throughout the building during Toy Fair 2023. Exclusive available.

Hand Sanitizing Stations

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony


Looking to promote your celebrity collaboration at Toy Fair 2023? There is no better way than with the exclusive Ribbon Cutting Ceremony sponsorship. Thousands of industry professionals and global media flood the Javits Center lobby on opening day putting all eyes on YOU and your brand.

Costumed characters


Breathe life into your presence at Toy Fair by having your “walking advertisement” at the show. Gain access to Toy Fair’s photo op area - perfect for social media posts and reach your target audience to make a lasting impression. Guidelines and restrictions apply.

Costumed characters

Brand Ambassador

Put your brand on display in the Toy Fair lobby with an outfitted Brand Ambassador. Demonstrate your product, hand out samples and capture the attention of attendees with this unique exposure opportunity.

Lobby Landmark Displays


Drop a larger-than-life promotional display in the registration lobby of the Javits Center and guarantee that all Toy Fair attendees see you! This is a proven booth traffic and sales generator that you don’t want to miss out on. Display area must remain unmanned for the duration of the event.


Live Activation

Exclusive per day

Show off your brand and property with an over-the-top performance in the Crystal Palace lobby. From dinosaur flash mobs to Minon dance parties, there is no end to what you can do to grab the attention of toy Fair attendees. Subject to Show Management approval.


“Ask Me” Information Guides


Information guides are placed throughout the Javits Center during Toy Fair and are a valuable resource for attendees. Attract attention by dressing these guides in your clothing or other branded merchandise.


Spotlight Product Showcase

Put your product on display in these exclusive, dynamic showcases located at the front entrances of the Toy Fair exhibit halls. Designed to give buyers a sneak peek and lead them to your booth, these showcases garner maximum visibility in high-traffic locations.

New Product Showcase

New Product Showcase

Highlight your innovative new products to buyers with purchasing power before they hit the show floor. The New Product Showcase, located in the high-traffic registration lobby is the perfect place to put your latest and greatest on display.

TOTY Display

TOTY Finalist Display Gallery

Showcase your TOTY nominated product and get the recognition you deserve with the highly valuable TOTY Finalist Display Gallery sponsorship. Located in the highly trafficked TOTY Lounge, your finalist product will be on display for all to see. Paired with an ad on the Toy Fair TV network, this is a not-to-be-missed promotional package giving your brand and product added exposure at the show.

Ask me

Charging Ottoman

Strategically placed on the show floor, these unique ottomans offer attendees an show floor oasis to rest their feet and recharge their batteries. Outfitted with 6 double outlets, these customizable ottomans give you the opportunity to highlight your brand with a strategically placed decal offering 360 degrees of visibility.

Food court

Food Court Marketing

Be the center of everyone’s conversation with a valuable sponsorship in the busy Javits Center food court. This delicious sponsorship opportunity allows you to mix and match floor decals, table signage, cups & napkins, food vouchers and more.

Toy Fair TV


Air your commercial on all 70 televisions in Javits Center common areas during show hours on all four show days. Both 30- and 15-second commercials are available to attract buyers to your product and your booth.

Toy Fair TV

Toy Fair WIFI


Fast, free WIFI is a highly valued and prized service by attendees and exhibitors alike. Gain access to the technology savvy users who rely on the Internet to stay in touch – in all corners of the Javits Center. From custom passwords to splash pages to signage, there are many options for getting BIG exposure with this sponsorship.

Member Center



When you sponsor the Member Business Center, you are providing an office away from the office and making it easier for Toy Association, Licensing International, ASTRA and Canadian Toy Association Members to conduct their business while at the show. They will surely remember who made their lives easier. The Toy Association will provide welcome signage to include sponsor’s name and logo.

Press center

Press Center Sponsorship

Toy Fair is a media magnet! More than 1,000 global media representatives attend Toy Fair and use the Press Center throughout the show to meet, write, interview and work their media magic. A variety of options is available for your company branding to appear throughout the Press Center and on items like the Official Press Tote Bags, Lanyards, Technology and more! If your strategy is to maximize media exposure, then this is the place for you!

Press center

Content Creator Lounge & Sponsorships

Reaching kids through online content creators is a no-brainer in today’s world and at Toy Fair, we welcome this important group with open arms. Grab the attention of these highly influential attendees with a valuable sponsorship opportunity. Choose from the exclusive Content Creator Lounge, custom badge and lanyard, Welcome Party, SWAG bag and more. Exclusive available.

Press center

Creative Factor Inventor Lounge


The Inventor Lounge provides an exclusive area for all Creative Factor inventors and speakers to take a break, conduct meetings, network and enjoy refreshments. Show your support to this invaluable group with this high-profile sponsorship.