The Toy Association™ Tracks Nationwide EPR Bills to Protect Members

September 18, 2023 | Staff from The Toy Association™’s global government and regulatory affairs team attended the 2023 U.S. Product Stewardship Forum from September 11 to 14 in Portland, Oregon to continue efforts to ensure consistency across state EPR (extended producer responsibility) programs. The forum is the only conference focused on EPR in the U.S. and brought together more than 200 stakeholders, including state regulators, packaging producers, and academics, working on product stewardship around the world.

So far this year, legislators in 18 states considered 53 unique EPR bills covering 15 different product categories, according to the U.S. Product Stewardship Forum. Where these proposals would have impacted the toy industry, staff was able to stop or amend these bills to protect Toy Association members from unnecessary and inconsistent regulations.

“Especially when it comes to EPR legislation, uniform regulations provide clarity and predictability, enabling our members to make informed decisions and allocate resources efficiently,” said Erin Raden, senior director of state government affairs at The Toy Association. “A harmonized approach not only streamlines compliance efforts but also ensures a level playing field for businesses without unnecessary administrative burdens.”

In addition to participating in rulemaking and program development in Maine, Oregon, Colorado, and California where packaging EPR programs have already been enacted, the Association also continues to engage in states where new packaging legislation is expected to be introduced next year, including Hawaii, Washington, and Illinois.

For questions or more information, members may contact The Toy Association’s Erin Raden, senior director of state government affairs.