New Q4 Trends Presentation Heads to Toy Fair Dallas

July 19, 2021 | Want to get the latest scoop on toy trends ahead of the holiday season? The Toy Association is following up its popular Q1 toy trends briefing with an update at Toy Fair Dallas this October that will look at what has accelerated or emerged in the trends space since Q1.

“Our trends team is constantly tracking what’s happening in the toy aisles, and what outside influences are impacting toy trends,” said Adrienne Appell, senior vice president of marketing communications at The Toy Association. “While some of the trends we talked about back in February are picking up speed, we have identified some new ones that will impact the toy aisle. Hear from our expert team on what these trends mean for the upcoming holiday season.”

The presentation will be held in person during Toy Fair Dallas. To have product considered for inclusion in the Q4 Toy Trends Update, please submit them here. Priority will be given to Toy Fair Dallas exhibitors. Limited opportunities are available to non-exhibiting Toy Association member companies.

For questions, contact Jennifer Lynch. For more information and buyer registration, visit