Toy Association Trends Team Builds Toy Buzz Amid Pandemic

chicago-segmentJuly 13, 2020 | With physical travel limited amid the pandemic, The Toy Association trends team has been “hitting the road” virtually to promote member products in broadcast segments and leading publications that have reached major audiences worldwide.  

“Responding to consumer interest in at-home learning products and camp alternatives coupled with our Toy Fair Everywhere pre-show outreach, we have reached a broadcast audience of more than 725,000 viewers,” said Adrienne Appell, senior director of strategic communications at The Toy Association. “As families continue to turn to toys and games for comfort and learning during these uncertain times, our team will continue to offer up the innovative products of our members as clear examples of the importance of play for all.”

Since the outset of the pandemic in March, members of the trends team have appeared in TV segments nationwide, featuring more than 60 companies and 90+ unique products. The team has highlighted go-to games and toys to play with while social distancing in segments in Los Angeles, Chicago, Indianapolis, Sacramento, and Charlotte as well as the hot new toys being exhibited during The Toy Association’s series of virtual market weeks, Toy Fair Everywhere, in markets such as Philadelphia, Houston, Detroit, San Antonio, and Phoenix.

On the editorial side, The Toy Association has also spotlighted nearly 70 member companies and nearly 80 unique toys that align with its top toy trends of 2020. Featured in leading trade publications around the world, these toys have been covered in Brazil, China, Germany, Italy, the UK, and other countries.

“As we gear up for a new mid-year trends presentation during the August Toy Fair Everywhere market week that will discuss the pandemic’s impact on toy aisles and projected trends for Q4, our team will continue to scout out the playful products that keep families engaged and interacting all year long,” said Appell. “We invite our members to take part in these efforts in the months ahead!”

To have product considered for inclusion in The Toy Association’s mid-year trends presentation, please complete this form by July 17. For questions, contact Jennifer Lynch. If selected, shipping instructions will be provided.