Toy Fair Everywhere Offers Growing International Business Opportunities

August Market Week Sees Uptick in Global Buyer Presence

toy-fair-everywhere-logoSeptember 1, 2020 | The Toy Fair Everywhere digital market week in July and August brought in thousands of retail buyers from more than 80 countries providing tens of thousands of new business connections for participating companies. Looking ahead to this month’s market week, taking place September 14 to 20, The Toy Association is anticipating an even more robust showing as companies gear up for Q4 and beyond.

“More than 20 percent of Toy Fair Everywhere’s August buyers were international, offering exhibiting companies the exciting opportunity to tap into overseas markets,” said Marian Bossard, executive vice president of global market events at The Toy Association. “That’s the beauty of Toy Fair Everywhere; the show opens up a whole world of opportunities for exhibitors to find new business partners, showcase their product on a global scale, network, and check out the latest trends shaping the industry.”

Toy Fair Everywhere will further expand its digital show floor in September to feature more than 200 companies from veteran brands to start-ups, adding 19 new companies including Alpha Group, Asmodee North America, Spin Master, MGA Entertainment, and more. Attendees will shop a wider product assortment, getting a look at Q4 reveals and navigating a brand-new "pavilion," hosted by the Taiwan Toy & Children's Article Manufacturers Association, featuring nine Taiwanese companies.

The September market week will also add on to an existing slate of digital events and on-demand content with new research and webinars as well as exclusive announcements. This includes the much-anticipated reveal of the first-ever Toy Fair Everywhere Influencer Choice List, voted on by a select panel of leading family and toy influencers in the Clamour network.

“Toy Fair New York serves as the gateway to what the toy aisles look like each holiday, but Toy Fair Everywhere is also proving to be a powerful year-round tool for the industry do business digitally in the midst of a pandemic and well beyond,” said Bossard. “Just as we as an industry have continued to adapt quickly to meet the needs of consumers in these uncertain times, so, too, are we as an Association evolving the way we provide market access throughout the year through a combination of live events and this digital platform’s exposure. We look forward to helping our members, brand owners, and retailers keep the momentum going as we enter the fourth quarter.

Companies that would like to exhibit or attend can visit to learn more.