Discover the Top Toy Trends of 2024

toy-association-trends-logoJanuary 12, 2024 | The Toy Association™’s trends team is slated to unveil the hottest trends in toys & play during its upcoming Toy Trends Briefing, taking place Thursday, February 8 at 2 p.m. (Eastern). Registration for the much-anticipated session is now open for members of the press, toy buyers, and other play professionals who want to get a first look at the toys and trends that will be driving industry sales between now and the holiday season.

The presentation represents the culmination of the trends team’s hundreds of long-lead meetings with toy & kids entertainment companies to preview innovative new products and uncover emerging play patterns. In addition to featuring toy examples from companies of all sizes, the session will address the impact of parallel industries on the toy space, including social media, tech, fashion, and more. A Q&A session will follow.

The webinar will be presented by The Toy Association’s Adrienne Appell, executive vice president of marketing communications, Kristin Morency Goldman, senior director of strategic communications, and Jennifer Lynch, content developer. Anne McConnell, the Association’s senior director of market research & data strategy, will moderate.

The session is open to Toy Association members and non-members at no cost. It is specifically recommended for buyers and consumer and trade media.

Questions about this webinar and other educational opportunities The Toy Association offers may be directed to Anne McConnell.